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Any other questions, please email us anytime.

To Enlarge Movies: Once the mpeg is playing, click the "View" menu up top of MediaPlayer and then select "Zoom", and then choose "200%" or "Full Screen". Or, just hit the maximize button (the little square in the top right corner). Our movies are designed to look excellent at Full Screen.

To Save: MediaPlayer 7 has no save option (Microsoft- what were they thinking?). So just RIGHT-click the movie link, and choose "save target as" from the pop up menu to save.
If the "save target as" option is not available, HERE is how to fix it (turn off Content Advisor).
OR, after watching the movie clip, it will be automatically stored in your C:\Windows\Temporary Internet Files folder, so you can get it there.

Dial-up users: Our movies are very high quality, so if you have 56k, a 1 minute clip might take you 30 minutes or more to download. We have many dial-up users, and most use a download manager like GetRight so they can download overnight, recover broken downloads, etc. But if you want low quality movies that will stream on a 56k connection so you can watch them right away, you probably should try another site.

Windows XP Media ToolBar - Sometimes movies play in the annoying Media toolbar on the left. To have the movie open in MediaPlayer instead, RIGHT-click the movie link, and choose "Open in New Window". To change the settings so that movies NEVER play in the annoying toolbar, when the movie starts playing in the bottom corner, there is a litlle button you can press next below the movie with an "options" menu, then you can disable it. Or once it is playing in that little media toolbar, click that little square in the upper right hand corner of the player, and it will expand the player.

Movies are choppy. Our movies should  play smoothly and clearly. If there is a problem with choppiness, a couple things might cause this. First, if you have a slower connection, the movies will not be able to stream fast enough to watch them right away - you will have to save them, or wait for them to download into MediaPlayer. Second, if you are using RealPlayer or Quicktime to watch the movies, they may look choppy. RealPlayer does not like big mpegs. Also, I have noticed with MediaPlayer, sometimes the first time you click a movie, it starts out choppy. I usually then just close MediaPlayer, and click the link again, and it seems to play fine.

Movie in another player. Our movies will look best when played in Windows Media Player. Sometimes, another program will take over Mpeg playing. To restore MediaPlayer as the default mpeg player, Open MediaPlayer, click "Tools" menu, then "Internet Options", then "File Types" and select Mpeg, and hit "OK". You may also need to go into the settings of your other players and unselect Mpegs from their file type list.

Joining Clips. We have free software in the members area so you can join movie clips together to make one long clip.

How many movies are there? We currently have over 100 hours of movies online, all can be downloaded, all are mpegs. That is over 120GB of mpegs. There are no limits on how much you can download.

How big are the clips? You can download complete uncut scenes that are typically 150-300MB, or we also divide the movies into 1 minute sections for easier download, that are about 8MB each.

How do I cancel? There is a cancel button right where you sign up, you can't miss it, we don't hide it in the members area. Or, you can also just email me anytime. When you cancel, you still get the full 30 days access you paid for.

Is this site legal? Yes - all our movies are licensed to be put on the web (which is expensive!). Our site will not suddenly be shut down. We have been in business for 3 years and hope to be for many more.

Will you give out my information? No. Your information is not sold or shared, it is strictly confidential. You will not recieve tons of spam just because you joined our site.

Refunds. If you are unhappy with the site for any reason, email me within 48 hours of joining, and I will give you a full refund. Please include your username in the email.

Windows MediaPlayer 9
Free download. This is required for our smaller movies. Free download. This is required for our smaller movies. If you install the latest MediaPlayer 9, when you install it make sure you select the "Send a unique identifier to the server" option, so you can watch movies on a password protected site.

  Windows Media Player - Free. Windows movie player. Zooms and plays full screen. I  highly recommend you Get Version 6.4 over 7.1, as 7.1 is a royal pain in the ass to save the movies - you have to get them from your C:\windows\temporary internet files\ folder. MediaPlayer 9 fixes this, but make sure you read above if you install MediaPlayer 9.

GetRight - Download Manager - a must for dial-up users. Recover broken downloads, download while you sleep, schedule downloads, etc.

Real Player. We do not recommend you use RealPlayer as your Mpeg player because big mpegs sometimes look choppy, and the latest RealPlayer is packed with annoying pop-up ad software. If you installed RealPlayer, it probably took over your Mpeg playing. To make Windows Media Player your default Mpeg player again,  Go into Windows Media Player, hit "View", "Options", "Formats" and select mpegs and hit "apply". That should make MediaPlayer handle the mpegs. If not, you can just re-install MediaPlayer and that will make it the default player for mpegs.

Quicktime Player for Mac users - Free. If you have a Mac, this player will probably work best for you for Mpegs. They make a player for PC's too, but you are better off sticking to the Windows Media Player if you have a PC.

Windows Media Player for Mac - Free. Now Mac users can play WMV and AVI files.

If you have any other questions, please email us anytime. 
I will usually get back to you within an hour during business hours, sometimes longer at other times.

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